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Here is a list of flat rate pricing per job! We do not want you to feel like you need us to leave within an hour. We want you to feel comfortable no matter how long something takes that the price you get is the price you pay!

More Pricing to be posted soon!

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Services In-Store Onsite Remote

DC/Power Jack Replacement

Are you unable to charge your battery? Are you unable to power up your laptop with your plug? Is your plug broken off inside your laptop?
If you have a laptop that has a broken power adapter, no need to worry, we can repair this connection for you. We will disassemble your laptop and solder a new adapter onto your laptop, so that you may charge your battery, and run your laptop off of your power outlet again.
Sometimes this jack can be referred to as an ac adapter, power plug, DC jack, power connector, power supply charger or many other ways. The proper term for this is a DC jack. The box that is inline of your laptop power cord is a transformer (or AC Adapter) which converts the electricity from your plug in your home into DC current with the specified voltage rating for your laptop.
Bring your laptop in and we will repair this connector for you at a flat rate. The time to have this repair done is typically within 3 days. In some cases your laptop may contain a special jack that would need to be ordered, which could extend the repair time to 5 to 7 business days to allow time for shipping the part to our facility. We carry most jacks in stock and will do our best to make the repair as fast as possible. Some jacks will be an additional cost, and will not know if your laptop has that jack without opening the laptop first.
$100 N/A N/A

Virus Removal

Computer Viruses have, unfortunately, become a fact of life. We will scan your computer for all known viruses, Trojans, root kits, worms, spyware, keyloggers, and other types of malicious software. Some viruses are pretty stubborn. This process can take from an hour to a day.
A Tune-Up is included with this service.
$95 $195 $110

Computer Tune-Up

If your computer is running slow, then maybe you need a tune-up. We will clean your computer to obtain faster searches of necessary files to run programs, so that your computer will not have to filter through the junk left behind to find the files needed to start up. We will also turn off any unecessary programs from starting every time you boot your computer so that your computer will boot faster.
In case of viral activity, this service will become redundant, and should consider a Virus Removal service.
$30 $120 $40

Computer Setup

We will come to your place of business or home, and set your computer up on your desk, setup your internet, and attach 1 external device (ie. Printer, external hard drive) to your computer.
Registration and activation of hardware and software is not included.
N/A $100 N/A

Install Software

We will install the software of your choice on your computer.
Configuration of software is not included. Software suites are an additional $10.
$30 $120 $40

Install Hardware

Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal will install your new/used hardware and install the hardware drivers onto your computer for your hardware's proper function.
Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal does not warranty the hardware itself. You will need to contact the hardware manufacturer to obtain any warranty offered.
$50 $140 N/A

Add a Device To Your Network

Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal will add and setup a network printer, NAS, print server, computer, etc. on your network.
Network device will be configured on up to 3 computers. Each additional computer is an extra $10.
Remote service is available if the device is attached to the network, and needs only to be configured on the computers. Network attached devices may need to be configured on the device themself, and may require onsite servicing.
N/A $150 $60

Backup/Backup Restore

Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal will backup or restore files to or from your computer to/from supplied media.
DVD's are available for an additional $5 each for backup.
$100 $200 $150

Email Setup/Configuration

Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal will configure the email client of your choice to send and receive emails from your computer.
Email accounts are not provided by Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal.
$40 $120 $40

Operating System Installation

Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal will install the operating system of your choice to your computer/laptop. We will also install any necessary drivers for your integrated hardware. Non-attached hardware is not included with this service. Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Mac OS X Linux

Hardware must be compatible to ensure proper Operating System installation.
Customer must have valid cd-key for Operating system installation.
$100+ $200+ N/A

Copy a Disk/DVD

Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal will copy a disk or DVD to supplied media.
Media can be provided at an additional cost.
$40 $120 $50

Operating System Error or Non-Boot Event

Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal will find the problem in your Operating System and fix your Operating System error or non-booting computer.
Some issues, like booting problems, must be done in-store.
$95 $195 $95 or in-store

Data Recovery

Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal will attempt to recover any data that may have been deleted accidentally.
For best results limited data written to the hard drive will result in more data recovery. This will include copying files, such as music, pictures, etc. and hard drive defragmentation. On some Operating Systems hard drive defragmentation is automatic.
$99 $299 $199

Password Reset

If you cannot remember your password or your administrator password, Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal will reset your password so that you can gain access to your user accounts again.
$40 $120 N/A
Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal does not offer any warranty for supplied hardware/software.
Innovative Solutions/YourComputerPal reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions without prior notice.